What the new year brings

New year 2008

I'm not sure what it brings because the future can be pretty unpredictable sometimes but I can only hope it's something good.

I plan on starting it with my first mixed media work that involves besides basic photomanipulation a lot of painting (spent a whole night on it >.< ) and hopefully more appreciation for my art than I got so far. Then my 2nd goal is to maintain my grades and have a good year at University. I'll be graduating next year OMG : We'll there's a lot coming to me after it anyways. Maybe I'll also get a decent job, one where my skills are appreciated at more than 1 euro per image *sigh* Well that ended bad when I hung up on the boss' daughter because she kept yelling at me. I don't take crap from anyone, least of all strangers.

Well enough with the long rant but at least you got to know me better hehe :)

Just wanted to wish you all the best for the year to come :)

Happy New Year!

Photo credits: Wolfgang Amri.
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