What's the best isolation method?

If you hang around long enough in stock photography sooner or later you will start to get some isolated shots to add to your portfolio.

I have read some very interesting methods that people use and many of them have excellent results.

I know the easy answer that you hear a lot is " whatever works best for you" But what if what works best for me is what I have learned to get the job done but really isn't the best or easiest way to do it.

So how about some good old interaction communication here.

What works best for you?

What have you tried that doesn't work.

I used photoshop for the jelly, made a solid white layer, removed the original background the best I could and then merged them together.

I'm in no way saying that's the best method but it's what I have learned to get a clean isolation.

So how about sharing what you have tried that works, or doesn't

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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Well I use pen tool in Photoshop and do the isolation and other changes. Most of the time I use pen tool to keep the path which will b useful for others who download.


Hi Dave,

Best thing is to start in the beginning by choosing a good background for whatever you are photographing (e.g. white backround for shots of everything except white). You can then go into photoshop choose select > Color Range and use the eyedropper tool to select that white background. You can slide the 'fuzziness' slider to extend or reduce that selection.
That's something that used to work fine for me. Hope it helps :)

Take care,


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