What's for Dinner?

No doubt most people here have seen those wonderful food photos in many of the popular food magazines. So who does buy food photographs at Dreamstime and how do they compare to the major publications? I have sold a bunch of food photos but the only feedback I got on one of mine was that it was used in a video clip. Generally speaking I think the food shots here compare favorably with those in most of the magazines. The only difference is that the magazine shots may feature some of the more sophisticated foods.

My favorite technique is to set up my food shots on the dining room table using the chandelier as the main light and another floor lamp as a secondary light. I can adjust the intensity of the chandelier with a dimmer switch. Sometimes I use a white mat the left of the food to act as a fill light. Most times I set the camera on a tripod using macro and shutter priority. With shutter priority I set the shutter speed for a long enough time to get max depth of field-usually F8. I trip the shutter with the self timer to avoid camera shake on my Canon A640. White balance is set to tungsten.

The only problem with food photography is that it takes extra time to get the shot and my dinner usually gets cold in the interim. My wife is already enjoying her dinner. Some food shots like sushi can be done at any time since it is a cold food. If you eat food and cook you have a good subject for photography. Good luck!

Photo credits: Richard Gunion.

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