What's going on in this picture?

Maybe its just me and my perverse view of the world but what is really going on in this picture?

The official title is "THE JOYFUL FREEDOM OF RETIREMENT" but what caught my eye was that bird over the man's head. Maybe I'm thinking about Alfred Hitchcock movie "Birds" but I just feel like something bad is going to happen to spoil the couple's moment of joy.

Is the bird just going to innocently drop a "present" on the man's exposed dome or something more sinister like attack him or grab him by the talons and be off with him?

If you isolate just the man, it almost seems like he is raising his hand up to the big bird god in the sky and offering himself as a sacrifice.

"Take me oh mighty one! I'm ready"

Here they are later in the movie when they discover the birds aren't so benevolent have come to our planet to feed on human flesh. Run! Run!

The slowest one always get it! Faster, faster!

Whew they made it!

The end.

Thanks Elenaray!

Photo credits: Elena Ray Microstock Library © Elena Ray.

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Great photos!


Ha ha... that is a good one (imagination running wild)
And I liked Hitchcock's Birds.


I want what you're having


Those were the days! When images like these made it to be level 4 and 5. Not sure if they would be accepted today. But maybe I am missing something.


Note: I didn't take these. They are Elenaray's. thanks, ed


Oh & I forgot to say that Birds is one of my favorite movies!


Wow, those are amazing mages, congratulations.


Hello Edward!!
Congratulations beautiful photos, it's nice that you want to convey!


So much life in these photos :)


This is the beauty of art and the beauty of human mind. The interpretation of a scene is endless


Did you notice between movie frame two and three, the women really turned on the gas and over took the poor husband?

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