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So what's it like ... a White Christmas?

For most of us in Australia, the concept of a White Christmas is so foreign it is hard to even imagine. Normally in late December (for those of us in the north of the country at least) we are in the grip of a heat wave. The only reprise is the air conditioner or head to the beach. Christmas here is sitting around in the shade of the patio, normally with the hose to spray the kids to keep them from exhaustion, a few VERY cold beers, watermelon, prawns, cold meat and salad. Mind you there are still a few sticklers for the hot roast lunch ... phew!!!

So what's it like? A White Christmas ... snow in general? Never seen snow myself ... in real life that is.

I have been trawling the DT database and finding images like this pretty model in the snow. Man ... that has to be cold! So is it that cold really? I mean, she looks so happy and I see more images of kids playing in the snow. Totally foreign to me ... seems weird?

© Novic

Anyways, most of the great carols at Christmas mention snow, and jingle bells. Bells ringing in the heat here would just be another annoyance. We saw images on the news last week of upper New York State where people were iced in ... that would be a shock for the system.

Like I said, foreign. But for you with a White Christmas, from us in the tropics, I hope it is fun and you have a safe and enjoyable time with the folks you love.

Photo credits: Karenr, David Hilcher, Arman Zhenikeyev.

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January 22, 2009


I love the small amount of snow we get. Not enough to make you terribly unhappy but enough to play in. You get snow shoes and sleds and have at it! But then again, I don't like to be real hot. In the summers I exercise very early and then swim in the afternoon. Can't play in it all day. However, I can be flexible...if I won a trip to Australia, I'd go!

January 22, 2009


Maybe sometime you'll be able to visit a place that has snow - Colorado in the United States is a great place - it's where we live. :)

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