What's Up With The Boats, Buildings, Fire Trucks and Other Pictures That Are Not Animals?

What's Up With The Boats, Buildings, Fire Trucks and Other Pictures That Are Not Animals?

That is the question I have been getting lately from a lot of my photographer friends that know me as an animal photographer. For many years my friends in the Flickr Community have seen nothing but animals in my photo collection but the past several months I have been starting to take pictures of other things that are not of the norm for me. When they ask me that question I tell them about Dreamstime and how through Dreamstime I have wanted to branch out and take pictures of more then just animals. After a few weeks of joining up on Dreamstime I started going to the library and searching online new places for me to explore and I am totally loving photographing new things besides animals. I still photograph animals at least once a week but exploring has been really fun cause I am going to places I would never of thought of going to. I keep a journal of places and events I want to take pictures of now and hopefully some day I will be able to photograph all the ideas that I have written down.

Plus while I am out at these new places of shooting I have been learning a lot about the places and subjects that I decide to photograph.

Here are a few of pictures that are not of the norm for me :P

Photo credits: , Susan Pettitt.

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August 08, 2008


Thank you both for your comments :)
I will never stray away from animal photography but I figured a little bit of change would be a good thing. Some times the pictures work out and some times they don't but that is all apart of the learning curve especially when trying new things

August 08, 2008


Changing, learning, growing it's how we get better. On the side of practicality it appears one needs some diversification within their portfolio to be successful. It does not mean your love for animal photography has lessened. Continue to do what you love, and also color outside the lines if the urge strikes. It's always a pleasure to view your new uploads. cheers, Marilyn

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