What’s up with a Calm Lake Superior?

A friend of mine and I stopped in Grand Marais and we walked out to Artists Point to take some pictures. Lake Superior was dead calm, not a ripple. I had never seen the big lake that still. We were skipping some stones and trying to take photos and videos of the stones skipping. My friend was laughing so hard because when she tried to skip stones they just went down into the water and didn’t skip.

It was a beautiful evening to just be out and enjoy the sunset. While we were driving to the motel a car was following us fairly close and my friend said, “I bet it’s a cop, they follow close to see if you will speed up and then they give you a ticket.” Just then the red flashing lights came on and we pulled over. The police officer walked up to the car and asked us a few questions. He said, “I pulled you over because you have a rear taillight out.” He asked for my friend’s driver’s license and proof of insurance. He went back to his squad car to run the numbers. When he came back he said, “You can go and I recommend that you get the taillight fixed as soon as possible before the other taillight goes out.” We were so thankful that we didn’t get a ticket and drove to the motel.

Floating Maple Leaf

Photo credits: Christopher Bies.
Christopher Bies
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I have been taking pictures for a long time and it is still one of my favorite things to do. When my camera comes out of its case, time disappears and I become totally immersed in the process of taking photos and videos.

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December 05, 2016

Thank you, Generalul2015


December 05, 2016

nice picture :)