What's up with Cuckoo Clocks?

When I was growing up, we had a coo cuckoo clock that was given to my family from my mom’s aunt. The clock hadn’t worked for years but we just left it hanging on the wall because it looked nice. It hung on a wall downstairs by the fireplace. One cold winter night my family was roasting hot dogs in the fireplace. We were all laughing and having a good time, suddenly the coo coo clock coo cooed. We all looked at it and then at each other. “That was strange” I said, “It hasn’t coo cooed for years and the clock isn’t even running.” We thought nothing more about it and continued roasting hot dogs. We later found out that my mother’s aunt who had given us the clock had passed away. What was really strange is that she passed over at the same time that the coo coo clock coo coo’ed. A few days later we had family and friends over to our house to eat and share stories after my mom’s aunt’s funeral. We were sitting at tables downstairs by the coo coo clock. The coo coo clock coo coo’ed one last time. It was as if my mom’s aunt was saying good bye and the clock never to coo coo again.


Photo credits: Christopher Bies.

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