What’s up with a Musky with a Duck in its Mouth?


One beautiful summer day, I was walking around the band shell on Lake Harriett which is just south of Minneapolis. I was taking pictures of some flowers on the south side of the band shell when there was a splash in the water behind me and some guy said, “He got it!” I thought to myself, “He got what? What is going on?” I turned around and there in the water about twenty feet away was a big musky with a half grown mallard duck in the fish’s mouth.

The musky was trying to pull the duck under the water but the duck was too big for the fish to do so. The ducks brothers and sisters were swimming around the fish with the duck in its mouth and were probably wondering what was wrong with their sibling. The duck was just looking around and had this dazed look, it had to be in pain because a musky’s mouth is full of needle sharp teeth.

After about two minutes of the musky holding the duck in its mouth, the duck started to struggle and broke free and returned to its family. I had heard about musky’s eating baby ducks, but had never seen it before, let alone get photos of the event. I could see big musky’s eating small ducklings but not a duck this size. The musky’s eyes were much bigger than its stomach; he must have been really hungry to try and eat a duck that big.

Photo credits: Christopher Bies.

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