What's wrong with me?

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I've joined in DT for almost one and a half month and now 32 uploads but no sale. What's worng with me? Maybe I 'd better work harder and try something new.

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June 03, 2010


hi jlhope,
i don't mean to be harsh, but i would say the picture you have are lack of composition and the angle you took it doesn't bring the subject alive. I always think even if it have shadow it the picture it won't effect the buyer. Because i still can edge out it with so many kind of digital solfware in the market. But with a correct drop of natural shadow is a bonus course it's so much harder to create a shadow than to remove one. Is not the patience to wait but the patience to learn the correct way to do a nice composition. Ha ha..

June 03, 2010


Try different subjects also,upload more photos and be patience:)Think you have only 32 photos from almost 9 millions total of photos.I sold first photo after one month too .Your photos are great but like Brad,Maen said you should to try white background for objects.I wish you a great day and not give up:)

June 03, 2010


As Brad said isolating on white background!
Make the designer work easier for them to catch your images! You have good quality images but I advise you to think of concepts as well as making big number of uploads with objects!
One more thing not so different from what the others said PATIENCE!
Wish you good luck! :)

June 03, 2010


It is as Ninuscha says: it will take some time... be patient and load up more images, participate in blogging and use your time for shooting more images... success WILL come, definitely!! Good luck!

June 03, 2010


I'm waiting for my first sell, too, asking myself the same question. So thanks for all your answers.

June 03, 2010


Hi, I had my first sale after 3 months since I started uploading.I had around 50 imges online. It´s as simple and difficult at the same time - be patient and keep uploading. ;)

June 03, 2010


As everyone said already, it takes patience. I didn't think I'd sell anything and started just being happy with images being accepted so now I'm simply delighted that my images sell too! I look at it this way, in the microstock world, you do the hardwork in the beginning: for the pros, uploading and keywording and learning what the agency looks for. For amateurs like myself, add to it, learning from refusals as well. But after you have built your portfolio, sales will come. I'm having fun, I enjoy the learning process and the friendly and supportive community we have here.

Keep uploading and you will see sales will start to come.

June 03, 2010


Patience is very important! 32 images in your portfolio are ok, but upload more and more and success will come! Good luck!

June 03, 2010


Your images are fine, there is nothing wrong, DT tries to give better position to the images of those who participate and work harder, so I suggest to upload more, and participate more, the problem here is to sell when there are more than 8 million images to choose from. Always think as a buyer when you upload your images and learn everything you can.
Today I can proudly say that I'm selling an average of 2 images per day, but in the beginning it wasn't like that.

June 03, 2010


I have waited for my for sale for 3 months :P be patience! Your sales will come!

June 03, 2010


I think you should reconsider how you crop your images. Leave the objetc complet.

June 03, 2010


You need both time and uploads to start seeing sales. On the pics you've done so far, my advice would be that if you are going to shoot objects on a white background, that you make the background pure white. It is much harder for a designer to use an 'object' that is on an off color background - it can't easily be dropped onto a page layout where the page is white.

As well, I'd back up just a bit so you aren't just cropping the object at the edge. Let the designer decide, or crop dramatically...

Welcome to DT!

June 03, 2010


I agree with Dan1. There is nothing wrong with you. The advice I was given when I first started with DT is to keep uploading, learn from your rejections, and sales will come. I found it to be correct.

June 03, 2010


There's nothing wrong with you or your pics. Be patience. Sales will come.

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