What’s wrong with my photos ?

  • February 20, 2014

I don’t know what’s wrong with my photos ?

This is the worst month that I almost did not sell any photos since 2009,

Anybody same as me?

I hope I can solved it and I need some help.

Photo credits: .
  • Joe1971
  • Chongqing, China

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February 28, 2014

Personally I think your images are great - but maybe the keywords are a bit of a problem? For example, your recent tulip shot is wonderful, yet you've missed the most obvious keywords (to me): Tulips and flowers. You only have 'tulip' and 'flower' singular in your keywords. DT does not automatically sort that out for you, you have to handle plurals as well as spelling variations (color, colour) on your own.

Of course, it doesn't help that there are a lot of similar images to yours, even though yours are well done...

On other images, you have dozens of images basically titled "Lake Nam". I would highly suggest trying to be more creative in the titles and descriptions. You need to create keywords/titles/descriptions that are not working against each other. If a buyer want a photo of Lake Nam, you have it covered - but what about mountain lake, or blue lake, winter lake, etc. Since you are exclusive, you have the time to make sure each of your images can be found in a unique search.


February 26, 2014

I always liked your portfolio and I got inspiration from your work. I agree with the post of Leesniderphotoimages . Working for Dt gave me great satisfaction. This means that I get from the office to continue to improve my photography.


February 24, 2014

Your pictures are top class............. just looked at your portfolio. We should have started 5 years earlier !


February 24, 2014

Yes the people who started in 2005 got lots of level 5 images on first page ( they were in a small database ) .............. those coming later are now in a pool of 21 million images, great for the site but hard for contributors. David.


February 24, 2014

Nothing wrong, there are good months and bad months. Last May was terrible for me...


February 22, 2014

I think your photos are very good work.As a newcomer still not sale any,reading others comments ,i will not give up,maybe improve in quality and keywording.good luck


February 21, 2014

Hello - there is nothing wrong with your images, not at all, they are absolutely fine. The greatest
problem is that we are all small fish in a giant sea....there are just too many other photographers
on the DT website and we are all competing with one another. Perhaps there are just too many
photos altogether - buyers simply have neither the time nor inclination to scan through page
after page of images and after 5-10 pages of viewing I think they just give up and settle
for something. Your photos or mine might be on P. 12 or P. 27 or P. 46 - who knows. But
don't despair, DT remains one of the best stock photo agencies in the world and I sincerely
believe they do indeed care about their contributing photographers. I am represented by
several major photo stock agencies, two of which are quite prestigious and important, and I
sell far more at DT than on any of the others. My advice: stick with DT, keep uploading
photos all the time, build your online portfolio, and be especially careful with your photo
identifications and most particularly your KEYWORDS. Good luck!


February 21, 2014

I agree with the realistic point of view of Inyrdreams. Small contributors are competing with contributors/enterprises that are uploading over 23,000 a month...I see my portfolio exposure going down and down even though I have more and more images...
Positive thinking is good, but also we need to evaluate options since there is so much work and effort involved.


February 21, 2014

you do have wonderful photos! the same has happened to me as well...and as wonderful as it is that dreamstime has grown, it makes it bad for a lot of us. we are now a piece of a tiny raft floating in a gigantic sea. I like dreamstime. I really do. but there are so many images now that it takes a long time to find our work- and most buyers do not have all day to look for an images. often they find an acceptable one after 10 pages and if we are on page 22 then forget it. i have seen sales drop so much i have to admit I went nonexclusive. so some advice is go back and rekeyword some of your images, keep uploading, start or add to collections, and network. it does help!


February 21, 2014

I think that there is nothing wrong, I also at this time I had some erratic fluctuations in my sales. You just need to upload more and more pictures and expect them to be accepted and sold!


February 21, 2014

You have amazing photos!So don't worry, continue to upload, tomorrow will be better.


February 21, 2014

I have the same problem. In January and February i have sold %20 of works, versus December.

Insist !!! :-)

Greats from Slovenija


February 20, 2014

Your images are wonderful! Nothing is wrong! Sales slow down this month, you are not alone...Keep working!


February 20, 2014

You have amazing photos! I have the same problem, extremely quiet month for me too even views seem to be very low. I have almost 2.5 times more pictures since four months ago and still less sales than back then. Glad I'm not alone...