What's your camera?

Confuse to choose a camera digital? hmmm it almost happen to people today. Because a lot of camera digital or pocket camera is launching every months. When people asking what's camera should i buy? hmmm... what's the right answer!??

Photo credits: Asaliro.

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I use a Pentx k10d...maybe you should try newer version of its, the k20d. It has lots of buil-in feature, antishake system in-camera (not in lens, like Nikon), ISO-priority, 114,5 MP...and many more. I know, Pentax is not so popular, but if you can try one, you will see its benefits...and you can buy manual lenses more cheaper than you can imagine :)


Look into the Nikon D90 or the Canon 50D, I use both but truly enjoy the quick control wheel on the back of the Canon 50D.

Both Canon and Nikon make much more expensive cameras but these two are at the lower end of the pro SLR or at the high end of the general consumer line, all depends on how you look at it.


I think that in a digital camera, two important things: the size of the sensor and high-quality optics. Increased size of the sensor allows more flexibility to edit images (crop, resizing, printing in the wall). A good quality optics is complementary. But the most important thing in the camera, it's your view of the world.


Very difficult to answer, I will say it depends on your budget, purpose and need.


I agree with Aughty, go "test drive" the camera i.e. hold it in your hands see how it feels and how it fits your needs, sometimes a camera chooses us :0)


It's like choosing a car or bike ... pick the one you like. They all will capture the image for you and won't matter. In the end the only thing that matters is you. You ride the bike or drive the car and it's you who will create the image for capture not the camera.


Well, I have been in this state before I purchased my Camera, Well after through research and consultations and looking to my needs and budget, I opted for Nikon D90, you will love this mate.

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