What is it about September?

I am not sure what it is about September but I am having a really great month. 12 days and 12 sales. I am also seeing a large up tick in the sales of my illustrations. I am currently $1.68 away from another payout and if the rest of the month goes like the first 12 days I should be well on my way to another payout by the end of the month.

If only every month was like this!

Here is my latest sale.

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Photo credits: Mvogel.

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This month of September is my best month ever with an I-EL sale.
My sales or my portfolio are more suitable for local newspapers communities of The Hague. Anyway, good luck for everyone for the next month although September is not finish yet!

I-EL Sale : International Criminal Court at The Hague, Netherlands
 ICC International Criminal Court, The Hague 



Statistics of the end of month:SUCKSSSSSS.....


I've noticed that one month sales are great, the next they are lousy. For me anyways. From what I understood, DT changes the search once in a while to make sure everyone has a fair chance, so for me it's fine. In the end, the great months even out the not so great ones.


uhm....Good for you: my sales at the moment are not good and I don't understand the reason! I have to make a big job in my portfolio ;)


August was terrible for me, my sales dropped, September is much better.


I'm having a great month, too. 12 days and 6 sales, a sale roughly every other day. It's looking good and I hope it continues.


For me, August was wonderful in terms of sale number, but terrible in terms of RPD (revenue per download).

So far, September is the exact reverse. I will wait until the end of it to see how it goes.


wonderful .. its a slow month for me .. but I'm hoping it will pick up! well done to you!


Everyone is back from vacation.


congratulations! In my case, September is relatively bad, whereas august was BME...


I had heard about the mythical increaqse in sales in September but for me they are not showing up yet. Both July and August were BME in terms of revenue and sales but this month is dreadfully slow at the moment.

Fingers crossed for you though :D


Yes, hard work does pay off!Congrats! bye, Francesca :-)


That is really great! Congratulations Mvogel!


It take a while. My first payout took a year, the second payout took 6 months, now the third payout is coming after 3 month. Each time the payout comes in about half of the time. The key is to keep at it. Hard work does pay off.


Good for you.Is my second month when i strugle to make 10 bucks for my first pay

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