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What Should I Do?

After blogging here for a little while, I've wondered - what should I do with these credits I'm accumulating?

I'm a photographer, and I don't buy photos. But I've got 13 credits now with which I may buy photos. What should I do with them?

Perhaps you're in the same boat.

I was thinking perhaps we should "vote" with our credits. That is, use them to buy photos and reward our fellow photographers for their good work.

So, perhaps I'll be looking for:

** An undervalued photograph/photographer that needs the encouragement of a few sales.

** A beautiful photograph that takes my breath away.

** Some undiscovered gem buried in the halls of Dreamstime - just waiting to be discovered.

** Or perhaps when I read some useful tips posted by a fellow photographer I'll reward him/her by purchasing a photo or two.

Or, maybe I'll use my credits in a random act of kindness toward some hard working photographer.

What say you?

Better ideas?


Photo credits: David Watts Jr..

Your article must be written in English

September 11, 2007


nice idea of you

September 07, 2007


I think all of the below ideas are great, a good way to improve new photographers self esteem.

September 06, 2007


I love the idea, but is it okay to buy your own photos?

September 03, 2007


How about doing all of those thoughts that you wrote above. And i can add one more: What if you buy your own photos?

August 30, 2007


I thing the better idea is buy photos from great photographer that have not exposure. You can help them to begin their career!!

Hem... I am one of them hehehe =)

August 30, 2007


I have downloaded some images to put on my desktop for some inspiration with the credits from my blogs

August 28, 2007


Thanks much Tonygers... see my latest blog for a similar butterfly caught in a deadly embrace with a green spider. Death stalks all creatures huh?

August 28, 2007


Just bought your Colorful Butterfly in Grass image.
Very nice.

August 22, 2007


David, that was hilarious...

PS: But I have your funny goat now...
Back to blogging... ;)

August 22, 2007


I am happy buying my own images!!

August 21, 2007


How nice would it bee to be the first buyer of someones photos.

August 21, 2007


That sounds like a nice idea and you might get some nice images you really like and want to keep. And, as Tonygers said, you can always boost your numbers by buying your own photos.

August 21, 2007


I think that sounds like a great idea!
You can buy mine ;) Ignore Tonygers ;)

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