What should I visit in Florence?

Hi there :)

In 2 weeks I will go to Italy. I shall land in Pisa Airport and then will go to Florence. I go because of my work. So it will be not a vacation. However I thought that if I will can and have time I would like to visit something around. So I thought about leaning tower of Pisa and I've seen some images with a famous bridge in Florence. What else do you suggest to me? :)

Regarding airports, I have seen some images around. I know that is not allowed to take photos in airports, then may I try???

What other ideas do you suggest to try? I have some, but maybe you can give me some new ones :)


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November 08, 2012


thanks to all for your replies, however I have found out that in fact I will not be accommodated in florence but a village around, 10 km away. So I will not be able to get into town at golden hours, probably only in the evening. However I will try to maintain that idea of stock photography :P Hope in 3,4 weeks to have new images accepted with this :P

November 07, 2012


Don't just do all day photo's, so over done by people of cruise tours etc. Get up early for the blue and golden hours, shoot the same hours before sunset. If you want RF pictures then don't get tourists in your shots, again easier to do if your at the places when there are less people about.

November 07, 2012


Here you go, enjoy :) and set your standards high :)

Top 10 things to photograph in Florence

November 07, 2012


Pisa airport is located at a very short distance from the center of Pisa. So when you will arrive (or leave) you have the possibility to visit in a few hours in Pisa the "Piazza dei Miracoli" with the very interesting Tower and the Pisa Dome.

In Florence there are a very great number of things to see. But walking around the city and along the Arno river, also during the night, is the best way to capture very interesting pictures.

Tuscany landscapes are beautiful and unusual, but you need a car and almost a couple of days to visit the region. The most beautiful Tuscany landscapes ("crete senesi") are around the city of Siena and not around Florence.

You can consider also the possibility to visit the city of Lucca, a very interesting historical city that is located between Florence and Pisa.

November 07, 2012


There are lot of museums in Florence, so you can visit "Uffizi Gallery", "Palazzo Vecchio" "Alinari National Museum of Photography", "Medici Chapels", "Buonarroti House"... Architecture is really amazing and there is lot of bridges and piazzas. Also, rural parts of Tuscany with amazing landscapes are unbelievable beautiful.

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