What to bring for a photography trip?

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One of the things that photography enthusiasts have in mind is what to bring for their photography trip. We tend to think that we need certain lenses or equipment and keep adding on to the list such that we often end up bringing almost everything and putting ourselves in misery under the weight of all our equipment.

At times, we may even end up not using some that we bring along! If we leave out certain equipment, we think that there is a possibility that it maybe needed somewhere during the trip.

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November 01, 2010


Hi Fablic,
Thanks for your compliment. Yes, I agree that focusing on the image is much more important, since the equipment is just a tool to help the photographer achieve his/her aim, and that is to capture the best images :)

November 01, 2010


Congratulations on your portfolio ... it is very nice, I agree with what I said during my trip would only provide a perspective, my 24 70 very practical and that allows me to concentrate only on the image! Helloooo!

October 31, 2010


Thanks for all your comments! Appreciate them :)

You're right. Bringing only one lens will force me to try to get the most from that lens. Even so when that lens is a prime. Sometimes I get frustrated though :p

But same as you, I bring quite a lot of stuff, especially when that trip is a once in a lifetime trip. For normal hikes or walkabout, I normally bring a 16-85 mid range zoom, and a prime.

October 31, 2010


Thanks for you sharing!!!

October 29, 2010


When I travel for work, I like to keep it very minimal - currently I carry a Panasonic GF1, 20mm pancake prime lens, and a short telephoto or telephoto zoom.

Medium length hikes are the one time I bring a lot of stuff in a backpack. Otherwise I usually try to pick the best lens for the situation and just bring the camera with that, plus a flash if it is indoors.

I very rarely find that I wish I had brought something else to get a perfect shot - expect maybe a macro lens - but what I do find is that forcing myself to take one lens means I spend the day trying to get the most from that one lens.

October 29, 2010


Nice blog! I really travel very ligth, i always carry my camera, 2 lences, a flash, a 1 tripoid, and a extra charger, and thats all! (well , mi boyfriend carry the laptop)

October 29, 2010


Thanks for sharing this ;)

October 29, 2010


Thanks for your comments :)

October 29, 2010


Thanks for sharing :-)

October 29, 2010


Thanks for your information.

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