What to do after first selling????

What to do after first selling? Maybe you already asked yourself exactly this?

My congratulations, dear submitter! You are already sold your first picture, well done!!! I remember myself in this sweet time, my feelings, my emotions, my crazy energy and wish of action. What I did - I jumped across chair...it is stupid having 33 years...but what to do, it happened;). Now I will try to give some clever advises to everybody who will have patience to read this post.

1. Be cleverer than me, old silly woman from deep Belarusian village, don't jump across chair! Better jump across table...two times. It is for loosing excessive energy and emotions.

2. Go to the good restaurant and enjoy in good food - soon you will be rich and you must start training in rich life!

3. If you are man, tell to your woman to make nice cake for you and tell that it is last time when you eat this horror, from this moment you eat only in expensive restaurant. If you are woman, make nice dinner to your man.

© Mjak
let's he remember it because you are not kitchen slave anymore and...you already know about restaurant.

4. Immediately change your DT login!!! What do you have??? John654656? MaryLooser??? Take something real - King-of-Art or God-of-Photoshop or Camera_genius!!! It is just pale shadow of your real talent but it will be good for beginning.

5. Now is time to promote your portfolio. Please forget about Facebook, Twitter and own pitiful site! It was good for green wet newby but you, Great Stock Monster, must be really popular!! For first step will be not bad to buy prime time for your promo clip on CNN, TV1000, or Hallmark... or Private Spice channels.

6. Don't forget to fill up your portfolio.

© Mjak
Become paparazzi, make, make, make pictures of everybody and everything! Old dusters, own toe, neighbor investigating with finger which treasures he has in his nose, 1000 portraits of your incredible dog, used bubble gum - it is CONCEPTUAL!

7. Don't think if picture is good or bad, just upload! At last editors will sink in ocean of your perfect works and you will receive exlusive right to upload pictures without boring review and pending time.

8. Buy the biggest suitcase which you just can find. You must worry where to put your big money. Don't trust banks - you still didn't back credit which you took to pay TV promotion!!

9. Oh-oh, we forgot about your old job!! Well, it will be short story. Just buy classic big cake with sweet cream and throw into your boss' face when he has some important business meeting. Believe me, all formalities with leaving your old job will be finished in shortest time. Better effect will be if cream on cake has some color or aroma which provokes allergy in your boss.

10. It is last advice, you haven't time to loose for reading, I know, my dear Mr.Success! Now just take all your brain into your head and think how you will survive next couple months till next selling and next year till first payment...

Good luck and enjoy in your sweet dreams!

Photo credits: Mjak.

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April 26, 2010


congrats for your illustrations!

April 25, 2010


Interesting article. Interesting illustrations.

April 25, 2010


Nice :)))

April 25, 2010


Yes a lovely trip to fantasy land ! But some DT members do have 15,000 images on line and must make real money or do they ? David.

April 25, 2010


I did most of those! LOL!

April 25, 2010


LOL - love both your blog and your illustrations! May the sales be with you.

April 25, 2010


I love this blog! Very funny and a nice way to start my day as I drink my coffee. Tamara thank you for taking the time to write this. I love your illustrations.

April 25, 2010


Funny advises! :)) Especially number 9 is great! I love that part. LOL!

April 25, 2010


Hello Tamara. I love your work. I think is very original. Keep walking. :D

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