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hi flolks

A week or so ago i wrote that i was planning ahead for the winter months to find some "subjects" that could be done indoors at home during the miserable wet weather to keep the portfolio and uploads going.

I am still working on that although i managed to get some ideas to mull over in the coming months, but the more pressing issue was to broaden my horizons NOW and take advantage of the better weather. You see my main photography interest is "birding" and my portfolio is exclusively dedicated to that at the moment but obviously to hit a wider audience and hopefully attract more sales i need to get other genres of photography in there.

I love the outdoors so the obvious move was to look at uploading some landscapes, however this did not have any success, my attempts were rejects as being well covered in the database, which on reflection was probably fair comment, yes they were nice pictures but quite frankly nothing special.

i drove around my local area sat with a map, went into google maps and well living in the outskirts of Glasgow i could not think of let alone find any landscape vistas that would "meet the mark" for want of a better description. Not wanting to adversely damage my acceptance ratio i decided that until the hanging gardens of Scotland come to my local area i would be better giving landscapes a miss.

So now i had a dilemma, what can i photograph to broaden my porfolio to wider audience, not being of a creative mind this was a bit of a challenge. then at the weekend my friends son was in the boys brigade annual display and my friend asked if i could take a few photos of the lad all dressed up. I took the photos and when i was showing them to my friends family his mother gives me a eureka moment. "look at that church in the background -- is that not a beautiful building".

Ahhhhhh haaaaaa -- what about churches, checks DT catalog and there is nothing uploaded in the way of churches/chapels etc in my local area. So an internet search to get a list of churches etc in my area - -and there are some beautiful old ones --- lo and behold i come across a "heritage trail" that covers not only old churches but other buildings of note within the area.

So here i am camera in hand and ready for another day out in the fresh air and sunshine looking and snapping some beautiful old building s which hopefully will be accepted by DT as editorials.

So there is an idea for anyone struggling to find new locations, have a look at your local council websites and you will find (with a bit of hunting around) lists of listed building and monuments, buildings of architectural interest etc. On top of that when i was browsing my local council i found a million things like gardens, open days, country walks etc that potentially make good locations for shooting that i never knew about or even considered as suitable locations.

I hope that helps someone who like me struggles to be "creative"

Happy snapping


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June 24, 2015


Great suggestions. Thank you for the thoughts and good luck with your expeditions. it should be fun.

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Photo credits: Robert Flynn.