What type of images are selling

I did some statistics today on my portfolio here on Dreamstime, and I thought I would share the results, in case anyone else is interested. Just to be clear from the beginning: images = photos + illustrations.

Online images = 183. Sold images = 104 (56.8%)

Online photos = 120. Sold photos = 39 (32.5%)

Online illustrations = 63. Sold illustrations = 65 (103.2%)

By the subject of photo:

- photos of people = 33 online / 3 sold (9.1%)

- landmarks, architecture, cityscapes, statues = 60 online / 30 sold (50%)

- landscapes = 14 online / 4 sold (28.6%)

- animals, birds = 7 online / 2 sold (28.6%)

Total number of sold photos = 39

out of which:

- photos of people = 3 (7.7%)

- landmarks, architecture, cityscapes, statues = 30 (76.9%)

- landscapes = 4 (10.3%)

- animals, birds = 2 (5.1%)

Total number of sold illustrations = 65

out of which:

- normal (jpg) download = 50 (76.9%)

- additional format (.cdr) = 15 (23.1%)

My best selling illustration has 13 downloads, while my best selling photo has only 4 downloads

Photo credits: Mihai Zaharia.

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Really interesting, thank you for sharing ;)


Thanks for sharing :)


That´s interesting. Thanks for sharing! ;)


Thanks, Sedar.


Betty, almost none of my photos were taken specifically for stock. On the other side, most of my illustrations were drawn specifically for stock (with only 2 or 3 exceptions). So to answer your question: yes, I'll spend more time doing illustrations, but I will also continue to upload photos that I do on a daily basis (although I almost never shoot primarily for stock).


Great work and nice share...Congrats


I love that you did this analysis and shared it with us. Based on what you have discovered will you spend more time developing the illustrations in the future? Will you take the time to look at someone else's portfolio and calculate percentages to see what is selling best for a photographer that is your favorite? I think your sharing this information shows that you are very serious about improving your portfolio and are very objective about your work. Well done! and thank you for sharing!


Yes Maen, each one is a different case. But I thought that maybe someone could benefit from mine :)


Nice to know! But each case is a different case!


Thanks for sharing, interesting data... I'll check how I'm doing.

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