What about vineyard photography?

We spent together with my wife one biking holiday in South Italy. In summer we ussually like camping on nice nature places. We didn't have any skills with camping at beginning of our foreign holidays therefore we met a couple surprises with camping accessories. After we assembled our tent our fridge needed to connect to electricity. However Italian connector male and female are different. A further day we went to town centre and asked one man where is some shop with electric accessories. Man described us one path to the most famous shop which was routed over beautiful vineyard fields. We hiked through them 1.5 hour. On these fields were wonderful fresh growing red wine grapes. I unpacked my camera and took only one picture. This picture is attached to this article. After 4 hours of hiking we found shop and bought what we need. When we were back in our camp the person in information office said us that same connector selling in their office :o)


Wine Grapes

After this story I visited more vineyards in more alpine countries. :o)

Vineyards, Wachau, Austria

Wine Grapes

Spitz an der Donau, Wachau, Austria


Photo credits: Richard Banary.

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May 11, 2018


Really nice, I added 2 of the photos to my Wine, Cellar, and Vineyard collection :)

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