What was your first commercial work?

What was your first commercial work which you have created? At what age you have created it. For how much you have sold it. And on what have then spent the revenue?

On how much remembered my first drawing which by me have sold to the schoolmate at school for rouble there was a picture from an album "Killers" known British group He has suggested me it to sell to it as soon as has seen. At that time the rouble cost approximately just as 1 dollar, and I was happy to the success since could buy on this money two American buble gum with the loose leaf. It was amusing!

Iron Maiden on tour -

Photo credits: Vangelis.
  • Dorvard
Most of my work in vector graphics & hand drawn illustration.

2015 - Winner of International Competition for graphics (Spring 2015) Art Week in Poland, 2nd place in nomination: Academic schedule. Title picture: "Castle Gate Auerbach" (File ID: 16322224)
2015 - Winner of International Competition for graphics Art Week in Bulgaria, 3rd place in nomination: Book Illustration. Title picture: "Hermit Edrin" (File ID: 66476367)
2016 - 1st place in category "Architectural Design" in Russian Design Competition, dedicated to 130th anniversary of Tatlin http://sdrussia.ru/130-let-so-dnya-rozhdeniya/
Title picture: "3D modern building with stained glass" (File ID: 61221412)

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August 29, 2011