What will autumn bring?

September has arrived and here in North of Europe, there's no sign of summer any more. No hot and sunny beach days to have a sunbath or swim in the sea. It's too cold and windy for this kind of fun.

But for us, photographers, there's something to shoot at in every season. In summer we have sunsets, in autumn there come storms. Often storms are bad and cause plently of damage. But they do offer some great spectacle to shoot at. If you live close to sea, take a walk at coastline and find some rocky place or a mole and you'll probably

see huge wave bounding high into the air. When it's not so windy, keep your eyes open and you'll still find something to take picture at, i.e. foamy waves running over rocks. Capture the motion, is the word here.

Don't live close to sea and have nothing to shoot at. Wait for few weeks and you'll find a new colorful world outside. Live in a city? Don't worry, visit parks near to you and you'll have a part of this color show as well.

Need alternative for citylife? Take your camera and go to forest. Don't just look up or front of you. There's something on the ground as well. Look for beatyful fly-agarics and take few pretty colorful pictures of them. Feeling hungry? This time it's better to suffer :) and not to eat them as they are toxic. Once you get back to home, take a cup of tea, a sweet pie and review your colorful moments.

Photo credits: Risto Hunt.

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September 07, 2010


Forest is wonderful! Great photos!

September 04, 2010


The sweet pies are making me hungry. They're great shots. May you have plenty of sales.

September 04, 2010


Very nice article Risto!
And, by the way, I love the shooting opportunities Autumn brings... :-)

September 03, 2010


Nice photos! Thanks a lot for inspiring us.

September 02, 2010


....lots of coloured leaves...nice blue sky with deep standing sun on cold days...dark and rainy days...fog on the early morning...days for hunting...nights with a clear moon...

...and I hope too...lots of sales...have all a nice fall:-)

September 02, 2010


Nice blog.... Nice images.... I hope Autumn brings plenty of sales...

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