What is wrong with my photos?

What kind of photos are of commercial value?It seems that I do not know.I tried to create concepts, isolated on white pictures, people shoots, illustrations, etc.It seems that nothing goes.I need fresh ideas.

Maybe there is something wrong with my portfolio and i dont realize.

Retouching defects, composition defects, incorrect topics etc.who knows?

You ever happened to be so insecure?But if i pay the moderators to rebuild my keywords and description?In this way I will have sales?Who has any advice for me feel free to tell me .For those who are in my position:SOMETHING MUST BE DONE

Photo credits: , Silent 47 Images.

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June 01, 2011


Thank you but,i try to be as much creative and unique as i can.Probably that's why i dont have to much sales for now.Is not the money but the fact that my work is sellable or not.I like to think that my work is not somebody alse copy.Do you see best sellers copy's in my port?If so,you have right and is time for me to do something alse.Im not being rude but i dont like to see someone saying that im copying best sellers photos

June 01, 2011


Hello, there is really nothing wrong with anybody's photos. It's like everything in art, music,etc.. the best sellers just are there at the right place and the right time. Many of my more experienced stock peers have even voiced that these days are more difficult than say 5, 10 years ago when they first got into the business.
I am not going to give you any advice, as I am still waiting for my own best advice. But I remember several super stock photographers telling me the same thing, "don't try to clone someone else's work just bc they are selling a million and you just started. they've got the foothold in the market for their style, you will only be lost among the thousand and one of those who try to copy us top sellers. Find what you do best.
And go with it long term. Eventually, buyers will look for your work the same way as they are now looking for those who sold a million last year,etc".
I follow that wisdom. You're welcome to take what I 've been advised and do the same for yourself. Best of luck.

May 24, 2011


Thank you.I want to start making compositions like this ones
This is the ultimate goal for me
By the way, does anyone know how to do this technique?

May 23, 2011


You're creative, master photoshop and uploaded 55 files (1/3 of your portfolio) this month. I think you will see the sales coming in pretty soon. Really great port

May 22, 2011


You definitely need to upload some more pictures! Your pictures look great and you have a lot of idea. Be patient and upload some more!
Good luck!

May 22, 2011


Hi I just had a quick look at your port and your keywords are very sparse so try this link http://www.arcurs.com/keywording/ I use this a lot and nearly always get at least 40 keywords for each item.......will save you having to pay anyone to keyword your images.........good luck

May 21, 2011


Best of luck to you!

May 21, 2011


Thank you all once again for your nice words:)From now on i will start working at some compositions for different commercials(which are in my head)Is like me hiring me for a commercial project:)I will keep you posted

May 21, 2011


Silent47, you have a fairly diverse and interesting portfolio, despite its' small size. I know that it's hard not seeing sales roll in. I still have a small portfolio so I do understand how you feel. I also, like others, encourage you to keep building your portfolio. The more images you have, the better. If you have keywording concerns, some of us can probably help you. I see suggestions already. I didn't look at your keywords, just the images. Mvogel made a very thoughful and interesting post about colors. I've never thought of that either. It's interesting, but at heart I believe that you have what buyers want no matter what the colors of your portfolio are. Take heart, and keep uploading. Time does help here. If I can help, let me know. Good luck! :)

May 21, 2011


Your port seems to be great. Nice pics, really. Be patient. By the time when I had 160 pics in my PF I had something like 60 sales also. But I tried to keep uploading being as diverse as I only could. And things became better step by step. I am quite sure you will have lot of sales. Just wait for another a little while...

Best of luck!

May 21, 2011


You are very talented, keep working at it.

May 21, 2011


my pics also have few sales this year and really worrying..

May 21, 2011


I started at the same time as you did but now have 1200 uploads and hopefully soon $2000 income and I am not good compared to many contributors...... so volume of material is what is required perhaps . Best of luck don't give up. David.

May 21, 2011


Im gone rewrite my keywords and my description.I will keep your advices in mind and will see what will happen.Thank you all for your sincere criticism

May 21, 2011


You have some excellent pictures.
I think identifying and describing the pictures is the underlying factor for exposure and sales.

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
For example this is a Wrist Watch, but you have titled it as Vintage Clock
And for keywords, you can add Dial, wrist, white, seconds, minutes, knob, knobs, watch (you have misspelled it as wach)
And as far as possible don’t copy keywords from similar pictures.
One indication that you have copied is the keyword Roman.
This wrist watch does not have Roman numericals but you might have copied it from some picture of a clock/watch which had Roman numerical.

May 21, 2011


I pay ~46$ for ReKeyWording and now(4 mounts later) not have difference.

May 20, 2011


I have a little bit different take that everyone else. I also think your portfolio is great but you need more variety and more pictures. A lot of your pictures, when looked at as an entire portfolio, have a darker and more subdued feel to them. There are not a lot of bright colors. One of my favorites contributers on DT is Cteconsulting. Look at his portfolio compared to yours in terms of the colors and range of topics. He uses a lot of bright colors which I think helps him get more sales.

Another issue is diversity of your portfolio. You have a small number of pictures but limited diversity. for example you have 6 pictures of a hand. All of the pictures are good but with a small portfolio that limits the number of sales you will make. Someone has to want your picture, in this case a picture of a hand, in order to make a sale.

Remember this is a numbers game. There are only so mane people looking for stocks photos on a daily basis. Of those only a certain percentage go to DT. Of those only a certain number of topics are required. If you do not have a photo of a topic that is being looked for on a particular day then you will not make a sale. The only way to fix that is to expand the portfolio.

Take pictures of everything and anything. You would be surprised what sells. For example I take pictures of just about everything my wife makes for dinner. Every once in a while I get a really good photos and post it on DT. So far 11 of my sales have been pictures of food that we either made at home of ate a restaurant.

Think outside the box. Look at what everyone else is doing and do something else. If you have one of the only photos of a topic then you have a better chance of getting sales. With millions of stock photos out there it is tough to find an under represented topic but it is possible.

Last check you keywords. This is something that I have a problem with and have to work on it daily. I am always going back and adding more keywords to my photos. Keywords are the key, sorry for the pun. If your picture can not be found it will not sell. Try out a couple of searches with your keywords and see where you pictures show up in the search.

Good luck.

May 20, 2011


Your portfolio in content is great but in size it's very small. I only saw more regular sales after my port went over 300 images. Exclusivity also really is good for my shots also. Keep it up and build and sales will grow :-)

May 20, 2011


I went to see your portfolio and you have great images, they are very interesting and originals. Don't worry we all start the same way, you need to increse the number of images. 2 years ago I was selling 4 images per month with 46 images online, one year ago I was selling 42 images per month with 266 images online, now I'm selling 110 images per month with 500 images online.

May 20, 2011


Your portfolio is great, it is just that your portfolio size is small, just keep on uploading high quality pics and you will definitely notice the hike in sales soon.

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