What you can do with pencil drawn pictures

Someone said that pencil in artwork is the same as piano in music. It's a base for everything. And for unknown reason I like it best of all. So as the black&white pictures and retro photos. When the only color is gray, nothing pushes your imagination, and you have more freedom imaging any color you like.

Most of my handdrawn pictures were made with pencil only. They're black and white, but it doesn't mean that I don't like color.

When I want to add some color to the picture, I prefer to use computer for it. I scan pencil drawn sketch and begin experimenting...

What I noticed after uploading both black&white pencil drawings and their colored variants to DT is that colored pictures sell better, and sell fast! Sometimes even after a few hours being online when sketches have to wait for a buyer much longer.

So I come to conclusion: it's a good idea to make colored variant for every pencil picture. Several different color variants and maybe some vector ones would do only better.

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

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April 11, 2009


Lovely, thank you :)

April 11, 2009


Yes, I do :) But sometimes I add color and shadows after scanning to make variations

April 09, 2009


Beautiful work, Mildegarde! I never thought of uploading sketches... do you just scan them and save them as JPGs?

April 08, 2009


love your style..congra

January 14, 2009


Beautiful works & wonderful idea :-)

December 18, 2008


Nice line, pretty pictures! Good luck!

December 16, 2008


very talented, nice work!

December 16, 2008


Well the pencil; sketch looks class, for example look at the couple images, the pencil one looks so real. good work

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