What You Is Doing? (A straightening tip)

He was a cute kid standing on the side of the road holding a plastic ball and bat. He saw us riding by on our bicycles and grinned really big. We slowed down to say "hello" and he asked, "What you is doing?".

Well, sometimes I have no idea! That day, of course, I did but we laughed and rode on, letting his parents explain to him about our bike ride.

As for what I'm doing today, I decided to post a tip that probably many already know but I just learned, and it may help someone else.

Keeping (most) images straight is imperative, as we know. Sometimes getting them there is a pain! In Photoshop (I have PS3) the eyedropper tool has a ruler. Use it to draw a line across the area you want to correct. Then go to Image>Rotate Canvas>Arbitrary. Photoshop shows you the amount that needs to be corrected and does it automatically when you click ok. It's a no-brainer! I need a lot of those!

Hope this helps someone, and now if you'll excuse me I have to go and straighten some images---the easy way!

© Maigi

© Noonie

Photo credits: Maigi, Susan Leggett.

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Thanks, Lin, the bird was in no danger so I had a chance to get the shot! It was luck......


I especially like your "cat and bird".
That is a great shot!!!absolutely brilliant !!!!!!
I have never found this opportunity....


I have it in two of mine already... Here is the latest I'm sure you will like it!
Funny Concept... Cheers ;)


That one is so cute I had to put it into a collection!!! :)))


No codes at all... here are the smart mice acting QUIET in front of Culvert :)))

 Rats Hanging Laundry 


uhoh....Mr. Mischief is here! It must be windy in Portugal :))

No, Maen, Culvert won't bother a mouse. They're too smart to walk into his mouth!

For those who think we're speaking in code...Culvert is my cat in the photo with the bird.
 Danger/ Cat and Bird 


LOL Carol that was nice :))

Susan, being quiet like a mouse! Culvert won't bother?! :P


I just couldn't resist the temptation this morning. It's one of those wild and windy days that has me looking for mischief lol :0)


Me believes that you need more than leveling help..... judging from that one!


Cheers for the tip Susan! I need all the help I can get when it comes to leveling things ;)))  Cross eyed funny face woman  ;P


Glad to be of help :))


I just tested your tip on CS, and ... it works!
Thank you very much, Susan!


HHHHHEEEEYYYYY, Maigi......Did you get it???? I used the crooked ruler for the crooked bath :))))

And tips means lots of things!


Heyyyy, Susan!! You used my ruler with your bath photo! Great! I love tips! Wait... does "tips" have double meaning in English?? Anyway, I like photoshopping! Thanks for sharing!


Yes, Pat, we can tell you have a problem with straight lines ;))


I use the ruler all the of time. I guess I don't have a "level eye". Thank goodness for CS3. I'd be lost without it.
 Have a great day 


I tested it, that shortcut works in Windows. Thanks.


Yeah, I never paid attention to it before.

I don't know many shortcuts, I have a list that I need to read :P.


Well the short cut for ruler in PS3 to click I, and shift I will select other sub keys under that tool. (This is Mac, not sure in Windows) Hope this is helpful..... And thanks Susan for highlighting this tool.


I'm always here, Maen...sometimes I just get quiet as a mouse :))
Being a kind of off kilter type of person (that's an old saying that means not quite right), I don't always worry about someone else's perception :)) But at times I do want to walk a straight line....

Hey Dragos, love your kids! Keep 'em straight...or not :)


Great informations, Susan. Thanks.


Aha! Catch ya teaching tips on photoshop :))
Hmm looking to your photos & of what you said! I don't think I would try it :P
Long time no see Susan! If photoshop tips will keep you here then go for it.
Thanks ;)


You're very welcome, Marilyn...anything automatic is good to me!


I have never tried this method, generally I use the leveling tool in RAW. Always great to learn additional methods, thanks! :)

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