What is your occupation?

Sometimes, I like to see pictures of other photographers.From their pictures, I always feel that their favorite things.I can also see good things from around the world.This is a very interesting thing.For example, I know who just went to Europe, who participated in a friend's wedding, who had just given birth to a child.Even the professional photographer, I would probably love to know his area is the portrait or landscape.

So, I would like to know what you are all professional, why do you have been attracted to photography.

Photo credits: Chen Li.



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February 03, 2010


I work in a software house (support) but my hobby is photography.

February 02, 2010


System Administrator, but my first love was always photography.

February 02, 2010


I was a hospitality professional, then switched to graphic designing, but photography was always my passion.

February 02, 2010


Great question. I am a high school math teacher. I've been taking pictures most of my life. Stock photography is very new to me and I struggled at first but I am greatful to be learning so much from the message boards, blogs and especially looking at other photographers' portfolios. I look at pictures from those who post to the message boards or write blogs. I also look at the featured photographers. I am amazed by your work. I am still experimenting. My goal is to one day be featured.

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