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This is in continuation to my earlier Blog Entry Monetizing a hobby is the sweetest thing and for some whom this is a fulltime profession the need of the hour. I know that there are lot of photographers here who would have already crossed the 100$ mark and have got their payments. And there will be also some like me who are yet to get their first payment. I am sure it would have been a very great feeling to have the first payment from the stock site.

I have always been curious on how people would have spend their first earning or if you are yet to get to that mark I would like to know what your plans are when you receive the first payment from dreamstime.

Would you be reinvesting it again in buying photo equipment or would spend it in some way wherein you can remember this for the times to come.

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I would also like from those who have already done something useful with their first payment. I am certain that the first payment from a stock sale is like a first salary in a job and is the most remembered thing for many.

After a long lull after having submitted my images I have been seeing some movement in the past two months and this is encouraging. I am sure that after almost reaching the 50% mark It would not be long when I will be getting my first Exchequer from dreamstime. This would be a great feeling as to be able to monetize a hobby of mine which was mostly considered as just an expenditure by most of the people I knew. Wouldn't it be great to show them that all those efforts of mine were not just in vain and motivate others to join and benefit. My personal choice would be to buy something that is related to photography maybe a new camera lens, a bag for my kit or even a better tripod.

How many would choose to buy an stock image of another photographer and keep it as an memorabilia.

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June 04, 2012


Hahahh nice question and funny answers! :) when I got my first 100$, I ran to a photography shop and buy a set of paraflashes (their price was 1000$) LOL that's a story I always tell to my friends when they ask what I do with the photo-money! :)) cheers

June 02, 2012


Lol... @Peanutroaster I guess thats how most of the wives are ... But I think my wife has full right in my regular salary but anything that is a result of my hobby should be mine alone ...

June 01, 2012


I spend my money in equipment...

June 01, 2012


I hand mine over to my wife. She's watches my photography purchases like a hawk. ;-)

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