What is your stock photo workflow like?

Modern mouse

I seem to enjoy creating images more than I do keywording in uploading....but as you all know, we need to do that in order to make sales. I have about 100 images sitting just waiting to be keyworded. How do you guys stay motivated? I work full time, so I only have maybe a half hr a day I can find to invest into stock.

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In my creative field, every day is something different; sort of like a new adventure. I love to challenge myself as I try to continually improve my skills and abilities to the next level. Having a creative job that pays the bills is a blessing. But man, is it a lot of work! :)

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February 14, 2008

I do the same - sometimes I'll have 5 different images of the same subject, so I keyword them all at once in Bridge. I have to resave them in PS just to be safe - sometimes they drop out when you do batch keywording in Bridge. Then I won't upload them all at the same time - I spread them out among later batches. I find this to be better for getting approvals, as well as for sales :) I am going to keyword some right now, actually!


February 13, 2008

I also work full-time in an unrelated occupation, so I know what you mean about finding time. When I keyword my images, I do similar concepts/scenes together. Say, for example, I have a bunch of Christmas images to keyworded. I move them all together to one folder so that they are all I am looking at. I then create a master keyword list in a word program to cover the basic keywords that will suit all images. Then I add these words to all of the images, adding additional words for each individual image. If I happen to have a large collection of a similar concept, I'll break it down even further: doing all Christmas ornaments together in one group, another group of wrappings and bows, and so on and so forth. For me, it helps the mental flow. :)


February 13, 2008

For me, I often use copying keywords from conceptualy similar images that I previosly made, then checking them, adding a few, etc. You can find time if you plan ahead, for example. I shoot photos during weekends, preferebly on Sunday. In the evening of that day, I make preliminary adjustments of RAW files, also deleting the ones that I find not good enough. That takes about 30 secs per image. Then on Sunday I edit at least 10 of my photos, keyword them and prepare for uploading. The key idea is not to select more than 50 photos per week, because that's more than enough, I think. Editing takes about 15min. per photo, depending what you do, but you can make images that don't need editing at all. So, use your weekends for major editing and keywording and use your work days for uploading or shooting. End don't get crazy with numbers of photos you take-you'll end up not knowing which ones to choose. Regards.