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I have been in DT for about 9 months. There seems to be contributors who upload many photos monthly here. I manage to upload 6 pictures average in month, I start from chosen RAW photos and I make final touches in an editorial program. I wonder, what is your workflow like - Does anybody uploads JPG photos without RAW processing? Do you process your photos somehow automatically? How long time does it take to you to edit a photo to your taste? I enclosure some of my images.

© Meryll

© Meryll

© Meryll

© Meryll

Photo credits: Meryll.

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Hello, thank you for your mesage. I see that JPG quality is acceptable for DT. Regarding to your nice portfolio and inspiracy perhaps you could try some macro or close-up photos, I like about it that it is possible to make some good photos rightly in your home under controlled conditions and there are many objects you can take in focus - flowers, various objects, structures, surfaces...


hey, i dont shoot in raw, just jpeg. I edit my pics in photoshop if needed or iphoto. I have not uploaded anything for a month or two now. Need some new inspiration!

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