What is zero level??

Hi folks!

I've got some strange sale - it is marked as Zero level. I know about 5 DT levels... but all my pics start from #1. Does anybody know what zero level mean?? -maybe I've missed some info?-

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April 10, 2011


So far I had no new levels sales, only subscriptions and old 2010 credit sales.New buyers haven't found me yet.

I don't think there are new credit prices, so they still appear as 2010 Credits (as proof I have a level 0 sale with 2010 credits). Same for subs. So no level 0 sales only proves that new buyers haven't found your unsold images. You could have a bunch of subs and level 1-5 sales from new buyers and never know it.

I've had 2 level 0 credit sales so far. Being exclusive, it doesn't make any difference in my royalties...

April 10, 2011


So far I had no new levels sales, only subscriptions and old 2010 credit sales.
New buyers havent found me yet.

April 10, 2011


The April Fools Day joke is on me...I must admit that I read the Achilles post about the new Levels structure that included a Level 0. But I got caught up in the April Fools part...

I have had 2 level 0 sales. I went back and re-read the post but I am not sure how it works after that...

Anyway, with the grand DT experience...time will tell...

A comment...searching the blogs has results...this is a result of a blog search

Ta Ta for now and thanks to all

April 06, 2011


You're welcome Laura! Soon we'll discover all secrets of DT! :b

April 06, 2011


OHHH i dinĀ“t knew about this but thanks Tamara for ask and Bradcalkins for share the new info!!

April 06, 2011


I only know 1 level.

April 06, 2011


only know level one..

April 06, 2011


Thanks Brad!

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