Where Do We Find Those Keywords?

Yesterday I was trying to keyword this image and I got stuck.

I had…… “Totem, pole, Alaska, face, carved, carving, wood, eyes, mouth, teeth”, and my standard… “vertical, photograph, image”.

I, of course, got all this from staring intently at the photo (which I suggest you do while keywording it), but, I knew there were plenty more I was missing, but I was stuck stuck stuck!

Wikipedia to the rescue.

“native, tradition, traditional, sculpture, artistic, wooden, icon,”

I am sure there’s many more I missed, but it did help me get a little unstuck.

This image I had already done some research on because I am building a website for people who want to photograph Oregon.

Knowing that this site is reported to be haunted is helpful. While it does not actually show a nice flowing spirit coming out the front door in mid-day, the information included might be helpful for someone who is looking for images of places purported to be haunted!

Description: “The Yaquina Bay lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. Built in 1871. This lighthouse building is the only existing Oregon Lighthouses where the living quarters are in the same building as the light. It is considered haunted.” (http://www.photographoregon.com/Oregon-Lighthouses.html).

I am not suggesting that you research the history of the genome of the isolated tomato you are posting, but for those travel photos, a little history included with the description of a landmark building might just be the extra nudge.

"Be careful what you wish for...it might include keywording."

Photo credits: Ginger Sanders.

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October 07, 2011


art, carved, vertical, idol, bird, anthropomorphic, old, vintage, painted, grunge, eyes, figure

October 07, 2011


Yep..I am going to go do that right now!

October 06, 2011


How about adding face, scary, smiling, staring, sculpted, to the first picture.

October 06, 2011


Yuri Arcurs has made a keywording tool available online at http://arcurs.com/keywording/. I use it regularly and find it helpful. Here's another one that I'm not as familiar with because I just learned about it. http://microstockgroup.com/tools/keyword.php

October 06, 2011


I often get the obvious keywords but struggle with some of more conceptual ones, hence while a few of my images might have 20 keywords the majority have about ten, a bit of wikipedia research is quite a good idea. Thanks for sharing I might actually get a decent keyword list for my images now :-)

and in true Dreamstime fashion - may I wish you many sales :-)

October 05, 2011


Look at picniche.com and under "keyword phrase" write: totem. You can also read something from Ellen Boughn. Good luck

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