Where is the license information?

I am selling my photos in several agencies and people are buying my photos. Ok... My question is where is the license information? Is it added to photo or just an agreement between seller and buyer?

I've used tineye reverse image search for my pics and got some results. How can I know that the image is used with license or not?

This might be a basic and simple question but believe it or not I didn't think of it until last week.

Please help me. I google'd my question already and couldn't find anything.

Photo credits: Ozmedia.

Your article must be written in English

June 26, 2011


It´s hard to find out - I totally agree with Egomezta!

June 25, 2011


If you were exclusive with DT you could ask Admin for support, but if you have your images in several agencies it will be almost impossible to know if your images are used with license or not...

June 25, 2011


Hello, welcome. you can see the licence agreement in the section for buyers , much like the agreement you see when you join DT.
As for finding out if your work found on tineye is used with proper licence usage, i don't have the answer . maybe write to support or maybe someone who is a blogger here and a reviewer with DT is more qualified to answer you, or of course Achilles or Tangie.

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