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where is my first pot of gold?

where is my first pot of gold? I have been feeling less than a network of graphic design how to make money until I know the DT,I knew where I would like to start to make my first pot of gold.

I work very hard every day to do every picture.but always felt that my level is still very limited graphics.I should do in order to continue to improve my drawing level?

© Sam391

© Sam391

© Sam391
© Sam391

Photo credits: Guangzhi Wu.


first gold my

Your article must be written in English

January 24, 2009


Thank you for your appreciation, I will continue to work hard

January 23, 2009


Hi Sam, keep uploading and the sales will come, I love the style of your snowman, so simple and so cute.

January 22, 2009


thanks!!I will try my best to do my DT.
the same to you ,good luck!!

January 22, 2009


Great illustrations!
I love the "cartoon superman" - very cute :-)
Keep on the good work and ... most important - be patient :-)

January 22, 2009


thanks very much,but I will not 3d,I only can 2d...
I have a carmera,but it's too old.

January 22, 2009


Hi Sam
I think the last 3 of snow are alot better.Try doing some 3d.If you have a camera try some photos also.Diversity is the way to go.Keep uploading and sales will come.good luck

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