where is my first pot of gold?

where is my first pot of gold? I have been feeling less than a network of graphic design how to make money until I know the DT,I knew where I would like to start to make my first pot of gold.

I work very hard every day to do every picture.but always felt that my level is still very limited graphics.I should do in order to continue to improve my drawing level?

© Sam391

© Sam391

© Sam391
© Sam391

Photo credits: Guangzhi Wu.


first gold my

Your article must be written in English



Thank you for your appreciation, I will continue to work hard


Hi Sam, keep uploading and the sales will come, I love the style of your snowman, so simple and so cute.


thanks!!I will try my best to do my DT.
the same to you ,good luck!!


Great illustrations!
I love the "cartoon superman" - very cute :-)
Keep on the good work and ... most important - be patient :-)


thanks very much,but I will not 3d,I only can 2d...
I have a carmera,but it's too old.


Hi Sam
I think the last 3 of snow are alot better.Try doing some 3d.If you have a camera try some photos also.Diversity is the way to go.Keep uploading and sales will come.good luck

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