Where to go and what to shoot. Fall edition, October.

Fall, is there a more beautiful time of year? The world turns a beautiful mosaic of patterns and colours as the leaves fall to the ground. The empty branches form lattices, twisting and turning with the sky peering through, and the sun, reflected through the yellows and reds, seems to be the last dying ember of the day as it sets. Fall, it's an amazing time to take pictures. So where do you go during this time of year? There are countless options all over the world to take amazing photos. So for the month of October here is where to go and what to shoot. This is just a quick summary so feel free to add...

-From October 2- 10, Albuquerque hosts the biggest balloon festival in the world. See over 700 hot air balloons as they rise into the sky. At only $6 a ticket, it is indeed worth checking out.

-If you're in Germany feel free to catch the tail end of Oktoberfest (woo-hoo, I'm sure you can drink to that!)

-Navarti happens in India from the 8-17 in where you can witness giant paper monsters stuffed with fireworks...awesome!

-The vegetarian festival in Thailand, which runs from last September to early October provides religious offerings, cultural ceremonies and act's of self mortification.

-Fantasy fest in Key-West Florida which runs from October 20-29 provides an all out party of debachery, costumes and alcohol. Probably not for the aint of heart...

-October 31st of course is our favourite day to say "Trick or treat!" across North America. Although not all of us go trick-or-treating as adults (ok, maybe I still do, but I'm little), it's a great time to see some pretty wacky costumes.

Like I said above, these are only a few of the worlds celebrations to get amazing shots in October, but if you can't make those, get outside and enjoy the beautiful changes the world is seeing, or rather the side that is celebrating fall. :)

Photo credits: Angela Ostafichuk.

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September 30, 2010


Red, orange and yellow trees, pumpkin fields, and colorful farmer's markets all come to mind here in the Northeastern US when I think of fall. Autumn makes it easy to take photos that pop with color.

Nice roundup of info from around the globe--that balloon festival sounds especially fun, and who hasn't dreamed of attending Oktoberfest?

September 30, 2010


Thanks very much for this information! :) I love autumn...it´s a great season! And I love HALLOWEEN........ ;)

September 30, 2010


Thank you for the great information.

September 30, 2010


thanks for the advices and sharing! :)

September 30, 2010


Good Info :-P

September 30, 2010


Thanks for sharing this information with us! :) Autumn is always a great time to shoot some photos! Good luck!

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