Where to place it? part1

How many of us still remember the very first day you do your own lighting? I do and the only tip i get is light travel straight,that all you need to understand. The very first thing in my mind is Wah! easy for you to say.

Now the fun parts, choosing which kind of light to use. Oh my ... there are so many from soft-box to umbrella and those funny round head with honey comb or what their name is. The silly thing is after holding the light in my hand the time seem to stop because I don't have any idea where to place it ???. I was like a crazy guy putting the light left right high high low up center and everywhere.

The best part is i have no idea what i'm doing.(who's with me here??)

Photo credits: Yap Kee Chan.

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September 29, 2007


At first, all I think is what is the right light, umbrella, soft-box or honey comb? But after some times, things change into what light I have, what is the simplest to set or what the assistant have set for me...

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