Where to place it? part2

One very common thing we often do in lighting is we always get carry away by the joy of adding one light after another. WHY, try ask ourself how much spill light was created by the first, second and ..?..?..The worst is all the spill light are reflecting everywhere and sometime back to the camera lens.

So to full use the very first light is important,all the spill light can be reflected back to the subject by reflector, gradually the first light become the key light and those reflector become the second, third and.....

By learning this way it help me better understand the one and only character of light which is, light travel straight.Best of all I learn also where to place my lights because I create my spill light that I want to reflect back in and eventually those are the place for the additional light.

Here are some of my example, they are shot by one source lighting and reflector. It have highlight and all the detail .

Photo credits: Yap Kee Chan.

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