Where to start with illustrations!

There seems to be two types of people on Dreamstime illustrators and photographers. Obviously there are some cross over between the two with some photographers having illustrations and visa versa but it is quite rare that someone can do both well.

Whats my point, well I get a e-mail once in a while from a photographers asking how I created and image or how to begin illustrating, so I thought I would offer a few hand tips to all of you photographers wanting to steel my business! (LOL)

My first tip is equally true to photoshop as it is to illustrator, learn how to use the pen tool. Its is so handy for creating irregular shapes, clipping masks and floral brush paths.

Simple things to remember:-

- single clicks with the mouse will create an object with straight lines (point to point)

- To add a curve to the object you are making click and drag in the direction you want the curve to go in.

- You can adjust the angle/direction of the curve by holding down the alt key as you click and drag or go back to the point after you have finished your object and Alt click the point with the white arrow.

- To best see what you are doing add the fill color to the object after you have joined the shape to make it easier to see what you are doing.

- To finish an object either (if it a line) click on the pen tool (or any other tool) and you will be able to create another shape or (if you want a solid shape) hover over your first point your created and click, this will join the whole thing up.

- Practice, it can take a while to get the hang of it but well worth the effort. Try and recreate some artwork that you have seen and like to get an understanding how how the pen can be used (but do not submit the work here - always remember that being original and creating your own style will benefit you in the long run)

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August 13, 2007


Thanks for the tips and advice. I have recently become interested in vectors
and need all the help I can get. Don't worry - I'll never reach your level of
expertise - but I'll try!

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