Where to take pictures outdoors or indoor

Many shutterbugs think that shoot outdoors is find the beauty which is created by the God. But shoot indoor is create by ourself.

First and foremost, shoot outdoors we can not cortrol or change the light of the nature. So we only to find the beauty and then use our cameras catch every beauty moment. In addition shoot outdoors we can feel close to nature and enjoy our life.

Shoot indoor ,however , has attractions of its own. In the first, we can use photoflash lamp and still life desk in our studio. And exclude outside light’s disturb. It can help us to bring into play our

Originality. In the second, we can shoot still life photos isolated easily. And have many different background.

Nevertheless, both shoot outdoor and indoor have their attractions. Hence, I prefer to take pictures outdoors to enjoy the life and close to nature, and photograph still life indoor to exert my originality.

© Luming
© Luming

Photo credits: Lu Ming.

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May be shoot indoors can make strict.


Interesting topic! My most successful photos have been taken outdoors, but I am learning more and more about shooting indoors with a lightbox-type setup!

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