Where are the Views at?

I've made my biggest push for uploads in the last couple of weeks by adding 27 new pictures of the desert in the southwest part of the USA, and it's all been for naught.

Not a single one of them has had a view to this point, let alone download. That's unlike my experience with Dreamstime before. I think they are keyworded fairly well and useful. Hopefully it all changes soon.

Photo credits: Greg Peterson.

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I find the new system a bit confusing also.. the old system recorded all views so they are there but unless I write the numbers down I don't know the old from the new. Also, with the old system at least I knew there were people looking at my pics and as a newbie this was encouraging, t gave me some idea what was popular with the public. I hope that DT reverses the change...


mine too.... the previous comments answered my question.


So - actual views haven't necessarily changed. The same number of people are looking at them - you just don't find out about it the same way.


okay, thanks.


The policy of views has changed now! Only registered member can see the counters & only their click counts on the image view!

Check the Message Boards for more...


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