Which is the best Anti-virus


I would like to know which is a good anti-virus for a PC. I used to have Norton but i had some problems so i switched to AVG. Now I have more problems. Another friend has suggested that Macafee is the best. So now i am totally confused. Please help with some suggestions.

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August 20, 2007


AVG is the best free antivirus program for PC, IMHO. They have a good helpdesk and forum. Sad it don't work for you. I love it. It updates automatically and I have caught many viruses in a run while browsing the net. I have had it some years for now and haven't had any problems. It needed only a little bit fine tuning in the beginning, and til then it just works. As opposite to some popular and expencive software pieces (sorry, Bill!), what just don't do what they suppose to do. And helpdesk writes, we haven't fix it yet cause most users don't use that feature anyway. Well... but AVG is great. And, no, I don't work for them. :) Wish I could help you somehow.

August 20, 2007


Hello from Buseck in Germany.
I have tried many anti-virus-programs. Since a few months I use the G-Date Antivirus-Pack. This works with two engines and I am very satisfied.
But I heard, that Norton is also very effectiv. Additional to my installed anti-virus-programm and the firewall I use periodical the Trend-Micro-housecall. This is a online-anti-virus-check for free and they have always the most current virus-signatures. Greetings Peter

August 20, 2007


I use Norton. Make sure to get a package with Spyware protection, though. You can get a great deal for only $80 that protects your email, all harddrives, blocks spyware, and hunts down any viruses or spyware that may already be on your computer.
About a year ago, I was having MAJOR computer problems. Some sort of Spyware got into my system. Even when the computer was idle, my desktop would get riddled with marketing icons and annoying popups. Only hours after installing Norton, all of my problems were gone. Haven't had a problem since.

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