Which Brand

Why Canon,Why Nikon Why Sony?This is not a BRAND war

Just curious what made you go for that particular brand

.Excerpts from an Article

"As you can see in my signature below, I’m a proud D200 owner and have been for almost 9 months. It has delivered in every situation I’ve thrown at it, scoffed at the bumps it’s had, and kept going without skipping a beat.

But very recently, I have been fortunate to be given an opportunity to step into professional photography full time via a studio in New Jersey and being scheduled to shoot 40 weddings next year. The whole operation uses Canon exclusively and probably 80% have 5Ds (with a few 20Ds, 30Ds, and 1DIIs mixed in). It’s been a very lonely 2 weeks as a Nikon user. Even the owner (an award-winning photographer who could perform even with a box of disposable cameras), is a professed Nikon lover. Why does he shoot Canon then? “It’s really a business decision,” he told me.

In a professional environment where versatility is crucial to delivering top-notch imagery to clients paying 10k or more for their wedding, there’s really no choice. The quality of the images in low light can make a big difference between getting usable shots and not, despite the bride’s idiotic decision to hold the ceremony after dusk."

Full Article here: http://www.dslrphoto.com/tag/5d


I myself choose Canon because before the era of the D3 and D300,canon offered the best noise control IMHO

I'm very lucky to have a brother who uses Nikon so i can enjoy the best of both worlds.This gives me the luxury of choosing to use Nikon if my bro isn't using it.

Photo credits: Redsun81.

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September 24, 2007


Wow Gadgetat sounds like your camera went through some real abuse.
Im glad mine hasnt gone through that yet and hopefully it wont~!

September 24, 2007


I chose Canon at random back in 2001. At the time they had a wonderful "Digital Elph." It was only 2.1 MP, but that was great then.

My choice worked out well. I'd bought the camera to document my Appalachian Trail Hike. During the course of hiking from Georgia to Maine a lot happened. Snow storms, ice storms, heat waves, drought, etc. The camera was frozen, dropped, and took all the abuse of a long hike that you'd expect.

Today, 6 years later the camera still works, and my little sister shoots with it every day. That's what made me a Canon guy.

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