which is better,simple or complicated?

As a newbie, I was told the microstock website needs simple elements more than a well decorated by some tools such as photoshop.

According to my experience, the view I mentioned about is obviously outdated. I found some well decorated pictures have extremely sales records, meanwhile those simple elements pictures has fewer views and sales records, some even stoped by the editors by using the excuse "This is a very well covered subject in our data base or the subject of your image is too specific."

So I think simple elements pictures are no longer the best sorts to be uploaded into your portfolio, the best way is to combine your simple elements pictures into one or just PS them into some unique style or special color. Just change, in a word.

What do you think, my friend, hope to hear more advices.

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June 01, 2009


I think there is a market for both, as to which is the better market at any given time is the best way to judge if you can what types of images to produce...

May 31, 2009


i have to agree with the below, simple photos and illustrations are of course easier to create, and so probably someone has done it already!!!

May 30, 2009


Simple elements are important to a stock site, but become quickly saturated as more people have access to the 'easy' elements...

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