Whistler Ski Resort: more about it

I read Leszek Wrona blog“WHISTLER SKI RESORT IN WESTERN CANADA”and thanks for sharing his wonderful pictures.

I like Whistler also.it just about 2 hours drive from downtown Vancouver.but totally two different worlds.

I took a round way bus leave 6:20am,and back Vancouver at 7pm,

so I stayed there almost 12 hours.it is very very busy to go up the mountain.i didn.t have patient for the long line:). I always love to walk around the Village trail and couples beautiful lakes there.

I walked to ALTA lake side this time,and spend all my times There.

there are some of my pictures from there.

thanks for have patient to read my blog.and WELCOME TO BEAUTIFUL BC CANADA

House in Frozen tree

House on the Frozen lake

Snow man on the river

Run on the frozen lake

ALTA LAKE -Whistler Bc Canada

Light house at Whistler Bc Canada

House on Alta lake Whistler Bc Canada

Light house at Whistler Bc Canada

Photo credits: Leon W.

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January 26, 2016


Thanks Leswrona.cheers.
lets go there together next time:))

January 18, 2016


Thank you for reflecting back to my recent blog about Whistler. The mountains look beautiful with the fresh snow. We just got that perfect weather recently to get some nice pictures and you captures that nicely around Alta Lake.

January 16, 2016


Thank you too for your pictures.
And thank you for your invitation.

January 15, 2016


THANKS TMarchev:)cheers

January 15, 2016


Nice! I love the light and colors!

January 15, 2016



January 15, 2016


Interesting protfolio

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