White background with dodge tool

A simple way to make a white background is using the dodge tool. First duplicate the image, than we select Layer - New Adjustment Layer - Curves. Than we drag the lower left graph from the lower right corner to the corner. We select the duplicate image and after select the dodge tool - range - highlight and exposure about 10 - 20 and we begin to erase the edges. You can also work with the midtones and shadows. Hope this will work for you :)

Here is an example :

Photo credits: Atenuant.

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Many thanks for the tip!
It goes well with my recent "invention": duplicate the image into a new layer, roughly select the subject, including some 50-100 pixels of the background (BG) around it. Invert and feather the selection (about half the size of the buffer-zone, i.e. 20-30 pix), then fill it in with white... After that you have to use either the dodge tool (if the BG is only greyish and needs to be made white), or airbrush the remaining buffer-zone with white with varying degree of feather, depending where you apply it - reduce the brush size as you come closer to the subject. Finally, enjoy the result! :)


You are all welcome!


Thanks for sharing!!!


Great, thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for sharing!


I tried but It doesn't turn out well. I should miss something ;)
Definitively, I will give it an other try.
Thanks for sharing.


Your welcome!


Hi, thanks so much for the advice, I'll try!

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