White Backgrounds-Here's another quick way to do it!

You've photographed your subject against a white background, but it still isn't quite as white as it needs to be, here's what you do.

In photoshop go to Image adjust>Curves>when the box pops up go to the top right hand side and pull the diagonal line to the left, voila! A nice white background.

Photo credits: Nancy Ziller.

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April 30, 2010


I think I will try this out and see.

April 08, 2010


Well feel free to take a look at my images and see if they are destroyed by using curves:)

April 08, 2010


You have to be careful doing this, as moving the white point lifts all values to some degree, and you risk clipping your highlights if they are too close to being white.

April 07, 2010


Thank you for sharing your experience! :-)

April 07, 2010


I always duplicate the image first:)

April 07, 2010


Since curves usually destroy the original image too I do not use this method

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