White eave

White eave

First, I must say the truth, because of my poor english, I really don't konw to write what on here, but if I don't do this, my photo maybe will never been arrest attention....

En...just introduce this picture, I named white eave and I like this picture very much. The picture made on Dali ancient city where the south of china.This is a kind of eave of Bai People who the local people.

I feel this molding is really beautiful, just like a diamond, even it's only a local ordinary folk house

Like a old chinese proverb: wisdom in folk

Photo credits: Zhang Wei.
  • Zwy2009
  • Shanghai, China

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well done,i've been to Dali,I like there than Lijiang^^


Thank you for all of your comment & encourage!


You have nice photos. They will be noticed as you enlarge the portfolio and learn the language.


Very exquisite,good shot!