"White Snake" - Kunqu Opera

Legend of the White Snake is one of the most famous tales spreading out amongfolks in ancient China.

There is a very famous traditional Chinese story that has a close connection to theDragon Boat Festival.

Thus, it can be seen that The Legend of White Serpent has been nurtured in thelong cultural tradition of our country.

The Chinese story of "White Snake" is alive and well today.

The white snake story originated from civilians, and is a beautiful and fairy folklore,which it is one of the four big Chinese folklores.

As one of the four most famous folk tales in China, The Tale of the White Snakeplants deeply in soil of folk culture.

The Legend of White Snake: from snake totem to feminine discourse rich inrebellious force

The Legend of White Snake is one of the most popular tales of China. It exists in thememory of Chinese as a prototype.

Photo credits: Mengtianhan.

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