Who bought my Pictures?

I started posting a pictures about 2 weeks ago and have a few sales. I'm looking to expand, seeing this as a great way to gain exposure and make a few dollars. With this being a new endeavor, I'm working through some questions about how this works.

My photography has been strictly for pleasure, so I have a bit of an attachment to some of my pictures. What is your opinion on selling the right to your pictures for so cheap?

Are you able to track how the buyer uses your photos? (I'm assuming no, but it would be nice to see how their being used)

What's the best way to maximize profit?

Just some open ended thoughts, feel free to share your opinion.


Photo credits: Michael Herman.

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August 06, 2008


I'm surprised to see that the above issues aren't of interest, I would figure that others feel a bit of an attachment to their photos. Any thoughts?

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