Who is doing well being Exclusive here?

I recently wrote an article about being exclusive.

1st Month of Being Exlusive

I thought that the blog maybe useful for those who are on the fence and deciding whether or not to be exclusive. But what I thought would be more useful is seeing how others are doing after being exclusive.

I wanted to edit that blog to ask for contributions and comments from others but not sure how to edit after it is published. So this blog is going to be a survey opinion blog. For those who are exclusive contributors, please contribute your thoughts in the comments sections to help others decide. Thanks.

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October 27, 2008


Hey Brad. You portfolio is looking great. It looks like your photography is keeping you pretty busy nowadays since your portfolio is much larger than when I looked at it last.

October 27, 2008


While I can't say that being exclusive has contributed to my increase in sales over the last two months (since I can't compare with never having gone exclusive) I'm happy with my choice. As a hobbyist who has no other online sales outlet I think it makes sense. The upload bonus is a nice encouragement to upload - and uploading more and more is ultimately what gets you sales. I was on another agency before I went exclusive and I also noticed 'wasted' time doing different key-wording, tracking of which I've uploaded where, etc. As a part-timer I'm happier just taking photos and uploading in one place. Not to mention my sales at the other place only amounted to $0.25 in the same time as I earned two payouts at DT...

October 06, 2008


Great points Denise and good to hear it is working for you Mariyln

October 04, 2008


IF microstock were my only interest i would go exclusive

if you want to sell on rights managed sites, want to sell prints, shirts, cards,or gift items on a print on demand, want to market your art of any type not just rf stock shots, on sites or have your artwork locally....then do not go exclusive.

someone else could do those things with your art but you cannot. i just ended my exclusive status this week for the above reasons.

if the only thing i wanted to do with my images was submit them here and be content with someone else using them, or did not want to market them myself elsewhere.... i would be exclusive here.

however i have to say that apart from the bonuses i got when i signed on to exclusive, i did not see a major difference in sales after the first week or so.

October 04, 2008


I became exclusive just over a month ago, the extra $ with each approved upload and sale has been a nice bonus. In addition, I have noticed an increase in views on my images. For me, the decision to become exclusive has brought positive results.

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