Who moved my Level 2 picture?

I had a picture, which is also my first one to sold in DT. It's about the fast train in China,Shanghai. After the first sale, I have written an article to memorize:


And in my sale record, I also can find the record as follows:

09/22/2009 21:27 shanghai train Level 2 subscription $0.42 large RF

04/29/2009 04:20 n/a Level 1 1 credit (2008) $0.48 extrasmall RF

12/22/2008 05:45 n/a Level 1 3 credits (2007) $1.80 large RF

12/18/2008 02:39 china Level 1 subscription $0.42 large RF

08/29/2008 15:05 n/a Level 1 1 credit (2007) $0.60 small RF

08/24/2008 05:48 train Level 1 1 credit (2007) $0.60 small RF

The picture ID is 6028627. it's similar with the attached one.

Who moved my level 2 picture without any notice?

Photo credits: Bigjiang.

Your article must be written in English



I'm very glad to see Admin change the level and downloads amount back, thanks to the Admin group, and thanks Nikitu, you do me great favor.


Finally, the pic has been submit as a new one, and now it's online, but lose it's level and downloads amount:(
   Motor Train Unit   


The file is very old. Submit the image normally and specify in the notify admin area that this was refused for copyright while it was previously online and you fixed it but can not resubmit the usual way.


Why I cannot resubmit this pic after correction with the ID 6028627 according to the refusal email instruction? I changed the file name again and again, it always fails to resubmit, error info:
Error uploading file. Please check the filename and make sure that no special characters are included. If you still encounter this error, forward the image filename and any other relevant information to support.


finally.. I found the informing email, with email title"Image not selected - digest - 10.08.2009‏", I had thought it's about the regular picture refusal, so ignore it.
Thank you, Nikitu.


You should have received a refusal email, just like for the rest of the images. Maybe it's in your spam folder.


Thank you, but there is no email or any method to inform me the picture is erased and why. I just found accidently.


There you go, Admin answered, may be you can remove the logo and resubmit again, before that read the email which normally DT sends.


Image was refused due to copyright infringement.

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